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About Kloe

Let’s talk about it..

Kloe is a Singer/Song Writer & Voice-Over Actress. She fell in love with music as a young child, Singing & Dancing was her calling, by aged Twelve she’d be performing in front of audiences in Pubs, Bars, Weddings & local festivals. 

At Seventeen she had made a name for herself and landed her break with a recording contract, Finally all her hard work had paid off.

As many of us know god can have different ideas and hand some of us a different hand of cards, shortly after her break Kloe lost her Direction, The pressure of the music industry caved her. She wanted to be a teenager for a while and find herself again. 

She’s now a mother of one little superhero. 👦🏼 ❤️

Kloe had always continued in the path of Song Writing, Poetry and Later landing some interest in Voice Over Acting & Backing Singing.

She is a Keen & Experienced Songwriter working alongside labels as a ghost writer. Kloe has an Incredible Flair, She’s Able to Write Songs Personal to you. 

Tell Her your Story and she’ll Shine Through as if she was in your own shoes. 

She Can also Offer Voice Over, Backing Vocals & Wedding Vows just call or Email and ask for your requirements. Contact

Both Laura & Kloe met whilst at a music festival to later learn they both worked as ghost writers for the same labels they’ve been inseparable ever since. They of course offer working together if you need a female duo for any Projects & Events. 

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